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There's nothing quite like cooking with an Everhot heat storage range cooker, for some reason everything seems to taste so much better!

A D E N A   F O R   E V E R H O T   R A N G E   C O O K E R S

Adena Fires also supply and fit the best in wood burning stoves from:

Everhot have been hand-building their beautiful heat storage range cookers for 30 years now. Over that time they have pioneered many new technologies to make their range cookers amongst the most controllable and efficient on the market. An Everhot range cooker will also help keep you and your kitchen warm over Winter.

Many other manufacturers have now joined Everhot in producing an electirc range cooker, including AGA, ESSE and Rayburn, but we think Everhot still offer the best in terms of value, build quality, technology and efficiency. Visit our Tunbridge Wells showroom to find out more about cooking with an Everhot range cooker.

Showroom Open

Tuesday - Saturday

10am - 5pm


Everhot range cooker logo Everhot 100i range cooker in cream